Voices for Change

Voices for Change is a group run by and for people with brain injury who want to improve the justice system.

Want to chat to us?

Give our friendly project worker a call or send them a text on 0434 400 674. Our project worker’s name is Elli.

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This is Elli, our project worker

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About Us

Who are Voices for Change?

Voices for Change (VfC) is an independent self-advocacy and peer support group run by and for people with acquired brain injury (ABI) and experience of the criminal justice system. 

We work together to give people with ABI and justice system experience the confidence, skills, support and resources they need to speak up and have their voices heard. 

We also speak to government and community groups to help:

  • Address the discrimination and poor treatment that people with ABI experience in the justice system; and
  • Educate the community about ABI and experiences in the justice system

Hire us

We do public speaking. We can talk about things like …

  • spreading hope
  • how to make positive changes in your life or work through hard times
  • ways to make the justice system more fair for people with ABI.
  • how to start a self-advocacy group

We can speak at your event, forum or group meeting. Get in touch with our project worker Elli: ebicknell@fls.org.au or email us at VoicesForChangeAustralia@gmail.com to find out more.

What have we been working on?

In 2021 – 2022, our members have:

  • Run weekly peer support and decision-making meetings
  • Spoken to government about ABI and the justice system
  • Made a submission to the Disability Royal Commission
  • Spoken at a seminar on solitary confinement
  • Consulted on some research projects to improve the justice and legal systems
  • Spoken at the Australian Progress Fellowship about inclusion and self-advocacy
  • Met with Youth Justice to talk about our work
  • Started to reach out to new members to bring more people into the group
  • Spoken to the Magistrates’ Court and the Neighbourhood Justice Centre about our lived experience of the court system
  • Right now we are volunteering with Victoria Police to help train sworn police officers and recruits.